Surround Sound Speaker Systems

MartinLogan 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System



I have long felt that to get great sound one should focus on the speaker's first, room second and electronics third. This is not in agreement of many reviewers, manufactures or consumers. Many people feel that garbage in = garbage out. And they always suggest using the best source, the best amp, and in some cases the best cables, and then adding the speakers that work well. You cannot deny however that the biggest and most noticeable difference in all the components we use is with speakers. It is not easy to detect the differences between cd players, yet astonishingly easy to hear the differences between speakers. Personally I want my electronics to be flat and leave the colorization of the sound to the speakers.

And with that in mind, I absolutely recommend the MartinLogan speakers. I was able to drive them with expensive and budget gear, with good and bad recordings and had fun throughout it all. In the end you must realize electrostatic speakers require the proper room, and their sound is not for everyone. Their narrow sweet spot may deter some listeners, so you must audition for yourself. They are for me, and I now know why they call us Panel Lovers.