Surround Sound Speaker Systems

MartinLogan 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System


Set Up

The majority of the listening sessions were done with a Denon 4308 receiver controlling a Bryston 9Bsst2 5 channel amp (140x5watts RMS @ 8ohms). Blu-Ray came from a Sony PS3 slim, SACD came from an Oppo 981HD and 2ch source was an Onix XCD-88 cd player.

The speakers were placed in the room according to the manual's advice, with the Summit X's panel being four feet from the wall, and ample room on both sides as they are open to other rooms (which greatly removes any first side reflection point issues) and slightly toed-in. I ran the Denon's auto-eq (Audyssey) using multiple microphone positions in a figure-8 pattern encompassing the location of my head in the sweet spot. I did this twice, first time I took note of the 25Hz and 50Hz equalization settings that Audyssey applied. I then adjusted the controls on the Summit X's to match what Audyssey recommended (+2db @ 25Hz, +4dB @50Hz). When I re-ran the auto-eq it no longer applied correction to those tow settings. Doing this allows Audyssey to use its finite amount of filters in other frequency bands. For reference sake, the auto-eq set the fronts to large, with no low frequency cut off, the center to small, cut-off at 80Hz and the rears to small, cut-off at 60Hz. The sub's crossover was set to max, and the Denon's bass management took care of sending all the LFE to the sub and all content from 40Hz down (the lowest point that could be set).