Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Kef IQ Series Speakers and HTBSE-W Wireless Subwoofer


On The Bench


All measurements were taken in the middle of the listening room, to avoid interaction with corners or walls. Except as noted below, measurements were taken from 1 foot at a height equal to the center of the driver.

Even though KEF listed the usable frequency response of the HTB2SE-W at 30 Hz, I measured only 3.65% distortion with a 20 Hz sine wave at 100 dB.

At 31.5 Hz (third-octave), maximum output was over 112 decibels!

THD+N vs. frequency. Distortion is below 4% from 20Hz through the entire frequency range, other than a spike from around 60 to 68 Hz.

Frequency response at 1 foot (white), 1 meter (red) and two meters (blue).

The iQ 90, at 50 Hz, produces an amazingly low 0.14% THD+N.

At 1hHz, distortion is 0.486%.

And at 10kHz, 0.483% THD+N.

White noise at one foot, one meter, and two meters (in-room response)