Surround Sound Speaker Systems

JBL LS 80 Floor-Standing Speakers, LS Center, LS 40 Rear Surround Speakers, and LS 120P Subwoofer


On the Bench

All measurements shown are in-room response. The first series of measurements were taken at 1-foot on axis.

The upper 8" driver operates up to 2,500 Hz. It produced a very clean spectrum at 90 db and 1 kHz.

The main horn operates in the range between 2,500 Hz and 7,500 Hz. At 90 db and 5 kHz, the distortion was only 0.07%.

The super tweeter picks up at 7,500 Hz. Its THD was 0.14% at 90 db and 10 kHz. These are all very good test results.

The remaining measurements were taken at 1 meter on axis.

The JBL LS 80's began to roll off around 35 Hz in room. Notice the nicely extended treble response due to the super tweeter.

The JBL LS 120 P sub produced a clean spectrum at 50 Hz and 90 db.

There were much more pronounced harmonics when I tested the sub at 31.5 Hz.

The JBL LS 120P sub produced substantial THD distortion when asked to reproduce a 25 Hz test tone, even when I reduced its output to only 81 db.

The JBL LS 120P had decently flat in room response.