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"Imagine" (NAD Blu-ray Player and Receiver, PSB Speakers)



This system is a very classy collection of well conceived and executed products that will give you a little taste of the high end at a real-world price point. The stars of the show are the speakers and the Blu-ray player. The speakers offer up a very smooth, articulate sound with excellent imaging and surround envelopment. The subwoofer is a special treat, offering coherent reproduction of the bass registers. The Blu-ray player loads fast and plays discs without glitches. It outputs a picture with gobs and gobs of natural-looking detail and colors that are subjectively spot on.

The receiver holds up its end, and produces a clean sound with nuance and delicacy. It generally plays surprisingly loud without strain. It can reach the limit of its output capability on overtly rowdy action scenes and I would recommend it for rooms of up to about 3,000 cubic feet. The only knock on this receiver is that it doesn't have the great flexibility you get with more mainstream offerings.

This system is a strong recommendation for small to mid size theaters. If you have a big room, then I suggest you move up to one of NAD's more powerful receivers... the speakers and sub can surely handle the extra power.

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  • Remarkable surround envelopment
  • Smooth, articulate sound
  • Excellent video performance with film-based Blu-ray discs
  • Quick load times and responsive remote
  • Surprising subwoofer performance
  • Simple control interface
  • RoHS Compliance


  • No manual EQ capability
  • No video pass-through

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Imagine System Review
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