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Energy RC-Micro 5.1 Home Theater in Box Speakers



The RC-Micro is certainly one of the more attractive offerings in its segment. The cabinets are a well reinforced, engineering plastic. The piano black finish is very well executed given the cabinet material, and does much to visually elevate the RC from the masses. The left and right mains, and surrounds are identical all units. The center channel seems to have the same driver array as the other units, but has a slightly larger, horizontal cabinet.

The RC-Micro version of the ESW-C8 is constructed of MDF and finished in a matching piano gloss black. The speaker connections resemble miniature 5-way binding posts, but are instead high quality spring terminals. The compression spring is rather stiff, so a good connection can be made. The opening, however, is too small for anything thicker than 16 AWG. The subwoofer has provisions for stereo speaker and line level inputs. The speaker connections in this instance are the more conventional spring terminals.

Energy RC-Micro 5.1

Energy RC-Micro 5.1

Findings from the National Research Council (NRC) have formed the design basis for a remarkable number of speakers, including the RC-Micro. Simply, the findings suggest flat on-axis response, wide and even dispersion, and controlled first reflections, amongst others, are some of the critical factors in loudspeaker performance. This should translate into a large listening sweet spot, and flexible positioning options both of which are desirable in a lifestyle speaker.