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Dynaudio Excite Home Theater Speakers



When I accepted the opportunity to review for Secrets, I was ecstatic. In contrast, the first thing my wife said was “This will cost us a fortune”. Since it took over a month for my Dynaudios to arrive over the Christmas Holidays, I had plenty of time to prepare for this review (and prove her wrong). Fortunately, Santa brought me a Denon 3808CI receiver for this review. He also got the kids a PS3 which, as luck would have it, can play Blu-rays and SACDs. A hundred odd SACDs and DVD-Audio discs later, I felt totally prepared to fairly demo the new Dynaudios. Well, that and a few new Blu-rays. I’ve become very enamored with this new technology so if a Blu-ray doesn’t suck, or sucks but is on sale, I’ll buy it. I sleep well at night knowing that I’m not responsible for this failing economy and my children will inherit……..uh…..the earth and some killer audio gear. All the above was set up in a 15 x 20 family room, centered around a 52 inch Sony 1080p LCD that Santa also delivered. I let Audyssey MultiEQ XT do the hard work and it worked well for all but the sub settings, which I adjusted manually. Overall, I think I got off pretty cheap, showing that it pays to be a good boy. I’m not sure what my wife was talking about.