Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Canton GLE 5.1 Speaker System



I set up the GLE speaker system so that the main speakers and my head occupied the vertices of an equilateral triangle that was roughly 12' on a side. Despite the manufacturer's recommendations (that the speakers are optimized for off-axis listening), I toed-in the main speakers to converge about 4 feet behind my head.

The AS 105 SC sub woofer has its natural limitations due to its size and power rating. So, after experimenting with a variety of set-up options, I eventually placed the sub near my room's front wall to provide some boundary reinforcement. I also crossed over the mains at 40 Hz. The center and surrounds were crossed over at 50 and 60 Hz, respectively. This deviated from my typical tendency to set all channels at 80 Hz. I found that the lower cross over points were well within the satellites' operating range and relieved the sub of some of its burden, so I ultimately benefited with a more relaxed presentation along with greater dynamic potential. The lower crossover points also provided a better integrated sound in the bass registers.