Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Canton GLE 490 Floor-standing Speakers, GLE 455 Center Channel, GLE 430 Bookshelf Speakers, and AS 105 SC Subwoofer



The Canton GLE system was an interesting experience for me. It had been some time since I had the opportunity to audition a full-range speaker, and as I noted it was a remarkable contrast to the innumerous sub/sat systems in my past. It is difficult to overstate how much more visceral the tower speakers are when compared to satellites. As for the question whether a single system can work equally well for both music and movies? In my estimation, the Canton GLE is thoroughly capable in either role. The only proviso would be to include a larger subwoofer for movies. While the AS 105 SC does a fantastic job in music, the lowest rumbles are only hinted at as opposed to really experienced. It seemed an odd contradiction to have such a visceral experience with music but slightly less so with movies. There is no question that moving to a larger subwoofer with greater extension would bring some of the movie rumble back, but the musical experience with the AS 105 SC seems as though it would be difficult to duplicate. Perhaps the difficulty in filling dual roles is due to the subwoofer and not the rest of the speaker system?