Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Bowers & Wilkins MT-60D Home Theater Speaker System


The Bowers & Wilkins MT-60D Speaker System In Use

Two aspects of the M-1 speakers stand out upon listening to them. One, like most good small speakers the imaging is tremendously accurate with razor thin placement of sounds across the sound stage. Two, the level of detail and resolution is impressive given their price. As with most modern Bowers and Wilkins speakers the M-1s are titled upwards in the treble region. A bit forward and bright which in most affordable speakers would mean harshness. In the M-1 the tweeter is so free of distortion and harshness that the effect of that brightness is to reveal extra levels of detail. This works especially well for movies and for well recorded music. With more modern music the speakers are never fatiguing but I could see if partnered with a cooler or brighter amp the combo could border on tiresome.

In practice with a well partnered amp and with identical speakers at all five locations the imaging and detail in the best movie mixes is enthralling and exciting. The sound draws you in with lighting fast panning with no discernible tonal shifts as sounds pan across the speakers. Especially spanning the front three speakers. Once you've listened to a 5.1 or 7.1 set up with identical front speakers you'll find it difficult to revert back to using a different speaker for the center channel. The MT-1 Can be rotated 90 degrees for center channel use.

The PV1D provides a visceral foundation to the M-1 quintet. It's authoritative, clean, and dynamic. Running of the Marantz AV-7005 and using Audyssey XT the integration between sub and satellites is superb. Crossed over at 80hz there's no discernible hole in the lower mid bass. Listening to music through the AV-7005 the 2.1 combo of M-1 and PVID provide an exciting and fun listen with just a smattering of refinement. For the price and intended application I'll take this approach. In a smaller space these qualities will yield a more enjoyable and emotional connection with most music. A flatter and more refined approach would yield too small a window into the energy of most recordings. It may no suit most classical or jazz lovers but for most other music it does well. It will never project rock or hip hop into your room with tenacity but it will convince you there's real energy and power.