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Boston Acoustics A Series 5.1 Home Theater Speakers


Conclusions about the Boston Acoustics A Series Home Theater Speakers

It's fairly obvious that I've fallen a bit in love with the A 360 speakers and the rest of the Boston A series speakers. The star of this show are those wonderful towers that can go toe to toe with speakers costing twice if not more. Especially in the areas of musical enjoyment. Kudos to Ken Ishiwata and the design team of the A series. The synergy between the A series and Marantz electronics I'm willing to guess is not an accident.

If you're the type of person who simply wants to sit down (I challenge you to remain seated for long) and enjoy music as an intensely pleasurable experience look no further.

Even if you have a larger budget. They may not be the best looking speakers (though I suspect that is different in the gloss white finish) they are pure beauty on the ears.

It doesn't matter if the song is impeccably recorded, a streaming MP3 track from RDIO or a dynamically compressed CD, the A 360, Marantz and Audiolab combo deliver sheer listening pleasure. Oh yes, they also do a great job with movies.