Surround Sound Speaker Systems

B&W VM6 Floor-standing Speakers, M-1 Surround Speakers and PV1 Subwoofer



Entering the review with admittedly low expectations for "lifestyle" speakers I probably should have realized that B&W, regardless of the design decisions and compromises, were not going to compromise too far on the sonic characteristics. The VM6 speakers are solid day to day performers if uninspiring at higher volume ranges and professional or at least patient installation will be required to get them wired and installed. Make sure you have enough amplification and consider tuning or EQ to bring more treble into the game and enjoy the aesthetics of a nicely paired flat screen with matching speakers.

The PV1 sub has some neat tricks, a few strange quirks, looks great, goes lower cleaner than expected and performs well at reasonable volumes. If the looks, space concerns and design are important to your listening room it may have a place despite the premium price which places it in the same range as some of the big boys. The M-1 is a well balanced performer in a supporting role and if I ever get around to upgrading my receiver and go with a couple of wall mounts for a 9.1 setup these will definitely be in consideration.