Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Axiom Audio Epic Grand Master 350 Home Theater Speaker System


Conclusions about the Axiom Audio Epic Grand Master 350 Home Theater Speaker System

Axiom Audio builds many different speakers available in hundreds of color and finish combinations and does so right here in North America. The speakers they build are neither gimmicky nor flashy and don’t feature the latest in precious metals and space-aged materials. They do however come with a solid design background backed by ample testing and listening sessions, combined with stellar customer service. All that is no guarantee that they will sound they way you like. I found plenty that I enjoyed, and some things that were not to my preference. The midrange was clean, the highs detailed, yet not well suited to uglier recordings. There was a slight hole in the mid-bass/sub-bass response, and there was nothing to speak of below 25 Hz in my room. The mid-bass issue has been noted before with other speakers (notably with the otherwise excellent B&W 804s) and it indicates a room issue around 60-80Hz. Given the total system price I was able to forgive some frequency issues and could overlook the slight concern. Easily recommended for a budget movie and gaming system especially the QS8 surrounds (which would be home in even higher end systems and worked very well my reference front stage). I would however want to audition some of there larger models if I was in the market for a pure music system.