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Axiom Audio Epic Grand Master 350 Home Theater Speaker System


Axiom Audio Epic Grand Master 350 Home Theater Speaker System Design

The M22v.3 bookshelves contain two 5.25” aluminum mid range drivers and one 1” metal dome tweeter. The front baffle has magnetic grill fasteners for a clean look and beveled edges to reduce diffraction. The cabinet’s have non-parallel side walls which strengthens the overall cabinet and reduces standing waves. The M22 uses dual midrange drivers which not only increases bass output, but also increases power handling and dynamic range. The speakers are rear-ported and feature Axiom’s unique ‘vortex’ port design. This port is constructed to reduce the possibility of turbulence caused by high port velocity and to allow for a small (and therefore shorter) port. Too small of a port opening results in port noise, make the port opening bigger and you need a longer port to achieve the same tuning. By using the vortex port they can keep the port length and width down and also prevent noise.

The cabinet is constructed from ¾” MDF wrapped in black vinyl veneer. As with all Axiom speakers there is a wide variety of finish colors and options included real wood finishes and custom grill colors.

For center duties the VP150 also has a beveled front baffle, non-parallel top and bottom walls and no port. It does however have two metal tweeters flanking the three aluminum midranges. This does differ from the conventional center design which traditionally houses one central tweeter flanked by mid range drivers. As with the M22 the VP150 is constructed from ¾” MDF, my sample came in the other standard finish, Boston Cherry vinyl veneer.

For the surround is another interesting design, the QS8 speaker has midrange drivers on the top and bottom with tweeters on either side of the angled baffle. With bottom mounted woofers they require either wall mounting or the FM-Q stands from Axiom which raise the speakers up to ear height when seated.

The EP350 is a ported design with a 12” cast basket aluminum driver powered by a 300 watt plate amp. It has a balanced input (and includes a ¼” to RCA adaptor) and speaker level inputs. There is a two position crossover switch, 80 Hz and 150 Hz, and a two position phase switch. The cabinet is also ¾” MDF covered in the Boston Cherry finish, with rubber feet.