Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Focal Chorus 700 5.1 Speaker System



Design and Setup

Out of the box, the Chorus 700s sport an attractive design, bearing a close resemblance to the 800 series. While the system is MDF constructed, the "Amati" finish is visually appealing, giving it the look of a much more expensive speaker.  If you’re not a fan of the light wood Amati finish, Focal also offers this system is black ash.  The front and rear speakers have a curved grille, which exposes the tweeter (more on the tweeter later).  

While the 700 series may look like its older brother, I was surprised to see the 726V towers did not have the same floor base that comes standard with the 800 series towers. The 726Vs stand 39 inches tall and a mere 8 inches wide, so I would’ve liked to have seen better support beyond the standard carpet spikes. I would certainly advise keeping your children away from these slender beauties.
















The CC700V center channel and 706V bookshelf speakers are both two-way designs, each sporting 6.5" midranges, perfectly matching those in the 726 towers. Much like the towers, the center and rear speakers are very easy to drive at 91 and 90 dB sensitivity respectively, with the 726Vs coming in at 91.5 dB. This means you don’t need a large amplifier to make these speakers sing.

All the speakers in this system come with typical five-way binding posts; there is no option for bi-amping. While I would have liked this option for the three-way towers, which come equipped with dual 6.5" woofers, the efficiency of theses speakers almost make up for this oversight. I’m sure this was done to help keep costs down, an omission I can live with.




















The SW700V is quite small in today’s world of gargantuan subwoofers. This one features a very capable 300 watt RMS BASH amplifier and a front firing 11” polyglass woofer. BASH amplifiers are a popular choice among subwoofer manufacturers, mostly because they provide a nearly perfect blend of sound quality, low distortion, high bandwidth, and high efficiency.  If implemented correctly this is usually a recipe for success.  At 33.6 pounds, finding the perfect placement for this sub is a breeze.












Underneath the subwoofer you’ll find a down firing port. Focal rates the SW700V at 29 HZ (-6 dB), I was able to get reasonable output in my listening area down to about 26 Hz before its limits became apparent. While it doesn’t match the extension and raw output of my reference sub, which is much larger, the SW700V is much more attractive according to my wife.