Surround Sound Speaker Systems

AV123 ELT 525 Surround Sound Speaker System


The Subwoofer

I was really not prepared for the sheer size of this sub. I have a fairly large room and this sub still looked huge.


It weighs 125 pounds and is approximately a 2 ft cube (although it appears to be bigger), mine was finished in black and looked like a to scale model of the Borg star destroyer from Star Trek First Contact. I cannot imagine this sub integrating successfully into any interior except that of a large, dark, dedicated home theater (possibly behind a curtain or false wall). I used it in several configurations, both by itself and as part of a stereo pair of subs with my own JBL sub. My wife was so unimpressed with it that I ended up moving it back and forth from the living room to the garage when it wasn’t in use (each time requiring the help of a buddy-thanks Travis). It provided prodigious amounts of deep, clean bass with no port noise and I never found the ceiling (or basement) of its performance. Having said that, it remained in storage for much of my review period due to its inability to remain in my living room without people asking “what IS that?” I felt it was overkill even for my large home theater room, although I am not a bass addict as some are. If, during the course of listening to music or watching a movie you think “ahhh, there’s the sub”, then its too loud and isn’t integrating well into the system. This can be moderated by correct room placement but the sheer size of this sub will limit its placement in almost any room.

I had another hang up with the pairing of this sub to this system. As this is a compact floorstanding system why pair it with one of the largest subs available? Why not develop a small, high-impact cube shaped sub like the ones that have gotten so popular with other manufacturers? It just seems to be more consistent with the spirit of the small cabinet-big home theater sound that this system delivers.