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Revel Performa3 Series 5.1 Speaker System Review

Revel Performa3 Series Speaker System Review

The Revel Performa3 Series speakers offer a terrific blend of performance, quality, and value. In this review, I used the Performa3 Series speakers in a 5.1 configuration. The review system was comprised of a pair of Performa3 F206 floorstanding speakers, a pair of Performa3 M105 bookshelf speakers, a Performa3 C205 center-channel speaker, and a Performa3 B110 subwoofer. The speakers themselves are absolutely gorgeous, with a beautiful lacquered finish, pleasing lines, and modest physical sizes that should fit into most listening rooms.


Paradigm Soundtrack (Soundbar and Subwoofer) Speaker System

Paradigm Soundtrack SystemThere is no question that soundbars are a "hot item" for home theater enthusiasts. The soundbar category grew a whopping 68% over all of 2012, with a monumental surge in Q4 2012 alone. Unit sales for Q4 versus Q3 were up 158%, even better, the category of soundbars with a companion subwoofer increased 126% in 2012 versus the prior year. This according a new report from Quixel Research. I can't think of any major speaker manufacturer that does not offer at least one soundbar in their line up.



Paradigm Cinema 100CT 5.1 Speaker System

Paradigm Cinema 100CT 5.1 Speaker System

Ok, I'll admit it. I was not expecting much from this diminutive 5.1 budget speaker system that arrived at my house in a single box. The entire system fits inside the shipping box for my reference subwoofer (MartinLogan Descent i). Granted it is massive and costs more than three of these 5.1 systems...


Bowers & Wilkins MT-60D Home Theater Speaker System

Bowers And Wilkins MT-60D Speaker SystemI think it's best in reviewing a modular-style 5.1 sub/sat speaker system to get the obvious of out of the way. These systems will not rival large boxes for scale, dynamic range, or efficiency no matter how much power you feed them. Nevertheless, they will do one thing that the big 5.1 speaker systems can't: they will fit in any room. Such is the case for the B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) MT-60D.


Paradigm Monitor 7 Series Speakers

Speakers however are one of the last bastions of long term value and investment. Simply stated, good speakers will never be obsolete. My father has a pair of Paradigm Monitor 7se speakers which are almost 25 years old... and not only are they in great shape, but are still an enviable, excellent sounding pair! Here, we review the Paradigm Monitor 7 Series, which includes the Mini-Monitor, the Center, and the Surrounds.


Axiom Audio Epic Grand Master 350 Home Theater Speaker System

Axiom Audio Epic Grand Master 350 Home Theater Speaker System Axiom Audio based in Ontario Canada, is a long standing internet direct speaker manufacture. They have been designing and building loudspeakers for over 30 years. Taking a look at their website reveals multiple configurations in both size and appearance of their wide variety of speakers. In this review, we test their Epic Grand Master 350 Home Theater Speaker System.


Energy Veritas V-6.3 Speakers (5.1 System)

Energy Veritas V2.8 speakers

Energy speakers have been around since 1973. They came into prominence with the Pro 22 and later with the Veritas v2.8 speakers which were a big hit in the mid 90's. At an MSRP of around $6,000, the Veritas v2.8's were known for an excellent price/performance ratio.  Here, I'll review their latest iteration of the Veritas line, the V-6.3's in an all-Veritas 5.1 system!


Klipsch Gallery G-28 Home Theater Speaker System

Klipsch Gallery G-28 Speaker System

The Klipsch name has been present in the speaker industry since the second World War. Started in Hope Arkansas, Founder Paul Klipsch devoted much of his life's work to the improvement of horn-loaded tweeters and integration of them into audiophile speaker enclosures. The world of audio has come a long way since then, and Klipsch has been there, year after year. Here, we review their Gallery G-28 home theater speaker system. 


Polk RTiA 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System

Polk RTiA Home Theater System

Founded in 1972 by Matt Polk, George Klopfer, and Sandy Gross, Polk Audio has always strived to deliver natural, full-range sound at a competitive price. While no longer run by the founders...


Aperion Verus Forte Home Theater Speaker System

Aperion Forte Home Theater System

The history of Aperion Audio goes all the way back to the turn of the Century, the 21st Century that is. That is a fairly long history for an Internet-Direct audio company. Staying in business that long, selling direct on-line, implies that the products are good. And, they are. Reviewed here is the Aperion Verus Forte speakers, which are in a home theater configuration.


Boston Acoustics A Series 5.1 Home Theater Speakers

Boston Acoustics A Series Home Theater Speakers

Boston Acoustics has a well deserved reputation for delivery good sounding and musical speakers at reasonable prices. The very first pair of speakers I owned were Boston Acoustics. It was such a long time ago I can't remember the model number. All I recall are small bookshelf speakers in black ash. Sound wise they stood out at the time as the only speakers I could afford that sounded like music. The Boston Acoustic A Series set of 5.1 speakers is reviewed here.