Velodyne SC-600 In-Wall Subwoofer



I will be honest with you and tell you that I am not the most adept at remodeling or construction. I am the type of person that, when given a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Before I took on this project, I got permission from my wife ("Honey, can I knock a hole in the wall of my media room?"). She was good with the idea of getting rid of that "black box" in the front corner of the room. Sitting there, the sub sported my bust of Bach and a picture frame. As mentioned before, the SC-600 IW is designed to fit into the wall space between the studs (16 in. unless you have non-standard spacing).

I used a stud finder and an electrical wire finder to make sure I would not encounter any surprises prior to cutting. The sub comes with a template which made placement and cutting of the dry wall easy and precise. Two of my walls are outside walls, which meant I would have had to remove insulation. This was not something I wanted to do, as it does get "chilly" here in New England. The wall on the right is up against my bathroom and has a small closet in it. The back wall has the master bedroom on the other side. My final choice was part compromise and part inspiration.

Velodyne SC-600 In Wall Subwoofer

The closet space was about the size of a small phone booth and of no practical use to me. By removing the door and adding two 2x3 studs along the door frame, I attained an opening of just a hair over 16 inches across. I lined the interior space with scrap foam insulation that I had lying about and sealed up the door opening with a piece of 5/8" sheet rock.

Velodyne SC-600 In Wall Subwoofer

With the template in hand, I was able to cut an opening with a drywall saw (highly recommended) in just a few minutes. Prior to all of this, I set the SC-600 sub against this space and hooked it up to the amp to verify that it worked and that the sound quality was going to be acceptable in this location. I was confident that the EQ feature would help smooth out any frequency abnormalities that I might encounter. The spot was desirable as well because it was going to be outputting directly into the middle of my listening room.

With the functionality and sound check completed, I began my installation process.

Velodyne SC-600 In Wall Subwoofer

The "cut, plug and play" slogan was accurate! Once I had my materials purchased, the actual time to put up the drywall, cut it, wire it and slipped the SC-600 IW into the opening took less than 30 minutes. Painting the wall to match the rest of the room added another 15 minutes, but still, the whole thing was done in under an hour. I was listening to music before the paint was dry! So, how did it look? See the pictures of the install.

Velodyne SC-600 In Wall Subwoofer

I was pleased with the outcome and so was the wife.

Velodyne SC-600 In Wall Subwoofer

Looks are important, but what about the sound? We are getting to that.