Velodyne SC-600 In-Wall Subwoofer



The challenge for any in-wall speaker system is usually two fold. Can it be easily installed and can it produce accurate sound? This is particularly tricky with a subwoofer because cone size and cone excursion are directly related to dynamic output. Anyone who has utilized a subwoofer in a room also knows that proper placement and location in a room will affect the overall frequency response.

The SC-600 IW was designed to produce deep, undistorted bass and allow for placement flexibility. The SC-600 IW uses a triple vector design that reduces wall vibration. The sub fits flush in a standard 2x4 studded wall and is in a sealed cabinet. By sealed, I mean it does not open or vent into the wall cavity itself. The SC series subs are ideal for both pre construction and retro fitting installations. It has two uniquely designed active 6.5 in. long throw drivers and two passive radiators that fire at a 45 degree angle out into the room. The combined radiating surface areas are equivalent to a 14 in. driver, yet the SC-600's actual dimensions are 16.5 in. high by 14.25 in. wide and only 3.75 in. deep! The passive radiators are an oblong 12 x 3 inches and sport a specially designed ribbed edge cone that allows for a large excursion.

Velodyne SC-600 In Wall Subwoofer

Each driver has a four-pound magnet and has a 4-layer copper voice coil to provide high output with low distortion. The outboard 400-watt (dynamic) amplifier is of a high efficiency class A/B design. The amp also has a seven band equalizer with DSP (a microphone is included) which allows for a fair amount of placement flexibility.

Velodyne SC-600 In Wall Subwoofer

This is a good thing, since the placement is going to be permanent. The amp can be controlled via a small remote that allows you to sit in your "sweet spot" and adjust the volume, phase control (0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees), and four selectable customized listening modes (Movies, Rock, Classical and Games). This negates having to adjust the placement and volume by hand and as most of us know, this process can be time consuming. No need to get up and adjust knobs behind the subwoofer until it sounds "right" from your seat.

Velodyne SC-600 In Wall Subwoofer

Night Mode can also be activated by the remote. The display can show current listening mode, volume and phase/crossover settings. Moreover, the display can be turned off, which I preferred, as the numeric LED was a bit too bright for my tastes in a darkened theater.

Velodyne SC-600 In Wall Subwoofer

A Driver Displacement Control (DDC) helps limit the amount of cone excursion to prevent clipping and over driving the sub and an automatically adjusted subsonic filter round out the features on the amp. The unit can be rack mounted and comes with the necessary hardware if you are so inclined.