Velodyne SC-600 IF/IC In-Floor / In-Ceiling Subwoofer



The SC-600 is a well-built slot-loaded (ported) subwoofer. There is no fancy finish because it will be mounted out of sight. It uses a 12" driver which is mounted inside a relatively plain looking black box (the box is not visible after installation, only the grille). As most ceilings and floors will have ample space to mount such a box (unlike inside your wall) there is no need for a special design.

Where this unit really differs from your standard $999 subwoofer is the amplification and processing unit. The separate 200 watt RMS (400-watt dynamic) class A/B amplifier has a built-in automatic five band equalizer for room correction, a four position phase control, and four customized listening presets. The included 80 Hz high-pass crossover allows you to integrate the sub with small speakers if you have no bass management in your receiver, and the low-pass crossover is adjustable from 30 Hz – 160 Hz, with a slope of 24 dB/octave. The unit also has a 12v trigger, IR repeater jacks, and RS232 interface which increases its flexibility, allowing the amp to be easily integrated into a custom install. The only thing missing from this amplifier is the ability to see what correction has been applied and then the ability to over-ride certain changes. For power-users the ability to control the EQ would make this an even more desirable setup, and the the auto-EQ feature will do its job of taming some of your room issues

Included with the amplifier is a small remote control which can adjust the output, crossover, and presets, allowing for easy adjustments from your listening position. The remote also allows you to engage Night mode and turn off the blindingly bright blue LEDS.