Triad Gold Monitor Speakers and Silver Subwoofer


Conclusions about the Triad Gold Monitors and Silver Subwoofer

Summing up the Triads in a single word, I would have to go with big. Big soundstage. Big dynamics. Big image. Looking at them you might not think they're that big, or distinct, or anything other than a generic box speaker, but plug them in and you'll forget all about appearances. Musical movements rose and fell in towering crescendos with the Triad's, but never fell apart from their massive size. Movies attacked the senses and impacts on screen were felt in your chest, begging to be turned up higher.

Even after all of that, I still can't get past that initial Natalie Merchant track, the incredible control the Triad's had over that bass line, and the way another background instrument came to life that I hadn't heard before. It was a simple thing, but it made the music so much more tangible and real, to get that bass note right while not covering up the other instruments, that it is what I'll remember most about the Triads after they leave my possession. They took one of my favorite albums and made it more real that it had been before, and that's the experience we all want when we listen to something.