Triad Gold Monitor Speakers and Silver Subwoofer


Design and Setup of the Triad Gold Monitors and Silver Subwoofer

If you're after a little more pizzazz in your speaker design, then the Triad In Room line really isn't for you. While the finishes might be beautiful, they are a box speaker design with a pair of 6.5" Scan-Speak drivers for midrange and bass and a single 1" Scan-Speak ring radiator for the tweeter. There is nothing flashy about the looks, but it is a proven design and as they say, its what's on the inside that counts. The binding posts on the back are very solid and gold plated, able to handle bare wire, spades or bananas without issue. The cabinet is sealed, so there is no tuning to try to get extra bass extension out of the midrange and bass drivers, but it should make placement easier.

Triad designs everything they make to be used with a subwoofer of some sort. Their philosophy behind this is that it removes many of the placement issues in relation to bass for the main speakers, and it makes them more efficient to drive by removing those larger woofers. This gives you greater efficiency in the speakers that then results in greater dynamics. It also allows you to place the subwoofer in the area of your room with the most even bass response, which often isn't the same location that provides the speakers with their best soundstage and imaging. This two-piece approach helps with both design and sound quality, and is the same all the way up and down their lines.

The subwoofer they sent along is the Silver In Room model, which houses a 12" woofer inside of a sealed cabinet. Somewhat surprisingly it is a passive model with an external 600W BASH amplifier with integrated parametric EQ, the RackAmp 600 DSP, that can be mounted with the rest of your components. This is housed inside a 1U tall unit that is easy to slide into your rack and then run speaker wire to your subwoofer, which doesn't need to be located near a power outlet. The remote has adjustments for modes and levels, which will automatically reset the next time the system is powered on. This way you or your family can crank up the bass as loud as they like for a movie and the next time you power on the system, you won't be unexpectedly blown away.

The Triad Gold monitors were placed on Sanus Ultimate Foundation stands in the same location I keep my Mythos STS speakers. This put the tweeters almost perfectly at my ear level when in my listening position. The subwoofer was connected to the subwoofer pre-out on my Marantz AV7005 processor and after the EQ was setup using RoomEQ Wizard and a microphone, Audyssey MultEQ XT was run again to make sure everything was configured correctly.