SVS SB13-Ultra Subwoofer


Conclusions about the SVS SB13-Ultra Subwoofer

The SB13-Ultra was designed by Mark Mason who joined SVS in 2011 after a long stint as a Design Team Manager at PSB. Mark has developed several subwoofers and full-range speakers for SVS since making the move.

I personally like the design approach he took with the SB13-Ultra. It plays loud and deep with extremely low distortion. But it also has the ability to deliver finely nuanced bass with textures and dynamic shadings that are quite rare even by today's standards. It consequently integrates well with the rest of your system allowing you to crank it up a little and really plumb the depths as they say. It is quite frankly and engineering juggernaut.

I haven't upgraded my sub in over five years. Until now, that is. I am buying the review unit. Pretty sure I'll hang on to this one for a while - it sounds great, it's compact and it looks very manly – arrggh, arrrggh!