REL T-9 Subwoofer


Conclusions about the REL T-9 Subwoofer

More than any other sub I have reviewed over the years; the REL T-9 requires me to rethink my definitions of compact, mid-sized and large as far as subwoofers are concerned. I would normally view the REL T-9 as a small or compact sub. Its cabinet is smaller than a 15" cube. Its main driver is a modest 10". The amp is also modestly rated at 300 watts. But there is nothing small or compact about the actual performance delivered by the mighty T-9.

Let me remind you that my room is quite large and I had but one T-9 in my system throughout the review period. Unlike many other subs of its size, the T-9 did not falter, waver or make gross noises at any time. In fact, this sub kept pace with large and powerful ancillary equipment and was capable enough to shake the sofa like a much larger sub. This is one of those products where you shouldn't get hung up on the specifications. The only real way to know what this sub is capable of is to experience it first hand for yourself.

That is all well and fine of course, but the REL T-9 is also a fast, nuanced and musical sub, particularly when connected via its high level link. So it gives you the best of both worlds – an inherently musical sub that can pump out low bass on demand. What's not to like?