Paradigm SUB 1 Subwoofer


Conclusions About the Paradigm SUB 1

So what was I missing before I tried the Paradigm SUB 1? One thing was bass that integrated with my speakers and filled in those lower octaves, but without drawing unnecessary attention to itself. I was also missing out on notes that I can feel in my body and not even the movie theater could reproduce. In the end I was really missing another dimension to music and movies that I had survived without, but no longer want to give up. I would have loved to see how they combined with the Paradigm S2 speakers I reviewed last year, which provide better detail and soundstaging than my current speakers but don't hit the lower octaves quite as well.

In their piano black finish, the SUB 1 happily sits in the corner, looking a bit unassuming with its lack of visible controls or lights, but it certainly knows how to make its presence known. When you have your friends over to watch a movie they might not instantly know that it's there, but turn it off and its absence will become immediately apparent. Given the way the SUB 1 could make my room rattle, I hesitate to imagine what the SUB 2 would do. The SUB 1 brought home performance that bested what I could get in the theater and never disappointed. Just make sure to fasten everything in the room down when you decide to let it rip.