Paradigm SUB 1 Subwoofer


Design and Setup of the Paradigm SUB 1

The SUB 1 is an elegant, but brawny beast of a subwoofer with a hexagonal cabinet I've only seen a couple other vendors attempt to do. Three sides of the hexagon sport a pair of 8", long-excursion woofers that feature 9.2 pound magnets on each driver. Placing these drivers 1200 in relation to one another allows for their vibrations to cancel each other out, leading to a virtually vibration free cabinet, and less distortion in the sound. Choosing to go with 8" woofers over the typical 15" or 18" woofer allows for better control of the cone movement (lighter weight). Of course, using smaller drivers means more of them are needed to move as much air as one or two large drivers, and the SUB 1 has six of them.

The SUB 1 has both RCA and XLR inputs, as well as a USB jack for the optional Perfect Bass Kit. There are controls for output, phase, and crossover frequency. All of these controls are found on a Class D amplifier that can output 1,700 watts of RMS power, and 3,400 watts of peak power. Each sub also weighs in at 109 pounds, so they certainly won't be moving once you have them in place. I have a 25' deep home theater room with 7' ceilings and 12' wide walls, and placed the SUB 1s in the front corners of the room. I would have preferred the midpoint of the side walls but that setup does not work in my theater unfortunately. After both subs were in place, I ran them both through the Perfect Bass Kit software to calibrate them for the room, and then reran Audyssey MultEQ XT on my Marantz AV7005 to make sure they were properly integrated into the system.