M&K Sound X12 Subwoofer


Conclusions about the M&K Sound X12 Subwoofer

In talking with other home theater owners, I found relatively little time was spent selecting the subwoofer as compared to the other components. While it is not uncommon for a listener to read about and audition speakers for months while deciding on what best fits their listening style, it is uncommon to spend nearly as much effort in selecting a subwoofer. In most cases, the sub simply came with the other speakers as a package or was what the dealer recommended but was not truly auditioned. That is a shame really; as I count these subs among the best, if not the best, I have ever heard.

True to their goal of accurate, dynamic sound reproduction, the folks at M&K Sound have hit a home run with the X12 subwoofer. These subs have excellent frequency response that dives well below the 20 Hz THX standard, down into the depths of the inaudible range and still have impressively little distortion. As impressive as that is on it's own, these subs have a musicality to them with an accurate, fast response that breathes life into background sounds such as the low roar of a crowd in a stadium, and makes soundtracks and music more dynamic and involving. These subs are at once incredibly fast and accurate as well as able to produce a pulse capable of restarting your heart.

The difference between my home theater subwoofer and the M&K Sound X12 was not subtle. These subs took my theater room from "Wow! That's better than the movies!" to silent, awestruck faces in the listening room. I have never heard a sub that transformed the experience from simply watching a movie, to believing the movie. I give the M&K Sound X12 subwoofers my highest recommendation, and plan on purchasing one of the review units. Now if only I could convince my wife I need two of them.