Earthquake CP-8 Subwoofer



A stereo line level cable with a convenient 900 angle is provided with additional rubber feet should you chose to place the CP-8 on its side or on-end between your couch and wall.

I currently have an in-wall sub and had the opportunity to play them together and individually for comparison. Now mind you, my in-wall cost over 3 times as much as the CP-8, so I did not really expect this to be an "apple to apple" comparison, but I was surprised at the performance of this little upstart. On the first day I auditioned the CP-8, I placed it along the side wall, opposite of my in-wall, to see if it would balance out some bass modes. After some adjusting of the volume and setting my crossover to 80 Hz on my processor ( I like to turn my subs crossover point to its highest setting and letting my processor take control), set up was complete. My in-wall sub has a remote which allowed an on/off control comparison from my seat. This feature was a boon as it allowed me to compare both subs together or drop out the in-wall to hear if I was missing sounds on the low end when the CP-8 was allowed center stage. I noticed only a very slight loss of fullness in the bass when the CP-8 played solo.

For the sidewall demo, I placed the CP-8 on its side with the driver facing out into the room. This made tweaking easier as well as allowing direct observe the cone excursion and to hear if the 8 incher was being overly stressed. When driven hard, it never exhibited strain, though the cone was pumping vigorously. I was impressed! No distracting port noises or huffing were noted.

The real fun began when I placed the CP-8 behind my chair, as it is intended. I found myself reaching behind the chair to adjust the volume lower as the bass was really quite over powering.