Crystal Acoustics TX-12SUB THX Ultra2 Certified Subwoofer


Crystal Acoustics TX-12SUB THX Ultra2 Certified Subwoofer In Use

The Eagles Hotel California DVD-Audio is one of my favorite demo discs for many reasons, including contrasting low frequency mixes from song to song. The title track opens with loud, sustained whole notes on the bass, EQ'ed for a fat sound (the working title of the song was "Mexican Reggae"). The following song, New Kid in Town, features a crisp, snappy rhythm with Randy Meisner's bass and Don Henley's kick drum playing in tight formation. On both tunes, the Crystal produced surprisingly clean bass, without any bloat or boominess that one would expect from a dual-ported sub with a 12" driver.

I have a theory that the idea for Inception originated from a group of very stoned people sitting on a couch. One of them says, "Can you imagine a movie about people in a dream, but they know that they're dreaming?" Another says, "And then it turns out to be a dream inside a dream!" Followed by a third couch potato saying, "Wait! And then there's another dream inside that dream--Whoa!" OK, maybe it didn't really happen that way. In any event, Inception is a real audio-visual treat, with the usual explosions, gunfire and car crashes augmented by entire city blocks tilting on their sides and various other hallucinatory images, all accompanied by rumbling and shaking. The TX-12SUB excelled with the prominent (dare I say overly prominent?) mid-bass of the soundtrack, causing strong vibrations under my feet.