Cadence CSX-15 Subwoofer


Setup and Installation

If you don't have any friends this would be a great time to make some. The packaging is very heavy, tipping the scales at over 90 pounds. I would definitely recommend recruiting some help when moving this puppy around. Cadence does a splendid job with the packaging of the CSX-15, using thick styrofoam plates and not one, not two, but three boxes for shipping.

Cadence CSX-15 Subwoofer

Needless to say it survived the trip in one piece. Removing the CSX-15 from its packaging I was immediately struck by its recessed grill, the pictures on the web don't do it justice, it's quite the looker. Gloss finishes aren't for everyone, especially for those of us with small children. Even if it is prone to smudges, I liked the black piano gloss face of the CSX-15. The CSX-15 comes with 4 large cones and 4 mini-floor plates for use on both carpeted and hard wood floors.

The front of the sub showcases a computer tuned bass-reflex vented port below its 15" woofer and is constructed with ¾" high density MDF fiber. The sub is finished in black woodgrain with the exception of the faceplate. Around back is where things get interesting, aside from your basic gain and crossover controls the CSX-15 features a bass boost switch that can add up to 12db's at 45hz. I recommend playing with this setting to see if it's right for you.

Depending on placement I got good results with this setting on 6db or disengaged all together, your room and listening tastes may vary. If not set correctly this can add considerable boominess to the sound, so again I stress caution when trying to find the right setting. The CSX-15 also features a very capable Class A 500 watt dynamic/225 watt rms amplifier. The 15" woofer is accompanied by a 2.5" Four-Layer Dupont Kapton Voice Coil Former. I usually don't obsess over such things but the knobs and speaker connecters appeared to be off good quality giving the back panel a distinguished look. Another bonus considering the price of the CSX-15.

Cadence CSX-15 Subwoofer

For the time being my home theater room has been temporarily relocated to my living room (you can imagine how popular this makes me around the house). Living rooms can be tricky for home theaters, typically they aren't acoustically treated and tend to have things like furniture in them, this isn't the ideal place for linear bass. Because of the environment I was dealt I had to go back to subwoofer 101, the old sweet spot trick. Placing the subwoofers in various locations throughout the room and crawling around the floor to locate the spot that works best for that room. Luckily for my knees this didn't take too long. The CSX-15 ended up in the front left corner of the room with the woofer almost directly facing my main listening position nearly 12 feet away. My living room is fairly large by big city standards at 24 x 15 so I was anxious to see how the CSX-15 would sound in this space. I connected the CSX-15 to my Denon AVR with the crossover set to 80hz, I'm not stuck on this setting, my speakers are pretty flexible. I usually set the crossover anywhere between 80 to 100HZ. 80hz worked fine with the CSX-15.