JL Audio Fathom f212 Subwoofer


On the Bench

Let's look at just one frequency before we go to the THD+N vs. Frequency graph. Here is a 20 Hz sine wave, 100 dB, at 1 foot. Distortion is 5%. That's very low.

Now the distortion spectrum across all subwoofer frequencies. Note that the f212 (and this is just one subwoofer operating), has 5% THD+N or less at all frequencies from about 13 Hz on up. That is really incredible performance. So far, the best we have ever tested.

Here is the room response at the listening position with various combinations of one or both subs operating and A.R.O on or off (the volume setting was 50 Hz, 100 dB, at 1 foot). This brings up my one and only criticism of the f212: it has only one EQ band. The arrow points out where the EQ was apparently performed. There really should be more bands. A solution here is to purchase an outboard EQ system such as the Velodyne SMS-1, which lets you adjust EQ in several bands for subwoofers. If your receiver has Audyssey, you could EQ the bass with that system as well. Fortunately, this is an easy thing to solve. Note that having two subwoofers does tend to flatten out other peaks and valleys that are produced by having a single subwoofer.