JL Audio Fathom f112 Subwoofer


Now, Specifically About the Fathom, f112 Subwoofers

They are fantastic. That's more or less what I've got to say, but in the interest of seeming a bit more thoughtful about the subject, I'll elaborate.

What are they, exactly? I can't answer that in a nutshell. Not if you want more specific than fantastic. The condensed version is that they are relatively small, insanely well-built, extremely powerful, very smooth, tight, detailed to a fine line, clean, poise-laden, dynamically proficient, utterly kick-ass subwoofers.

For the less condensed version, let us proceed.

They arrived in style, amply packed, each safely enclosed. The shipping/receiving outlet I used was anxious to have me pick them up. I was anxious as well.

Leroy, the Great Pyrenese guard dog, checked them out, and promptly cleared them through the security checkpoint.

When it came to unpacking, there was a well-documented…. 'procedure' to be followed.

The subwoofers came supplied with gloves, for unpacking the subwoofers, of course. The finish is nice, and the subwoofers are heavy, so the gloves were a nice accessory.

The unpacking process involves opening the top of the box, turning the box upside down, and lifting the box up. The subwoofers are packed upside down to facilitate this method.

I liked the cool plastic donuts on the box. Not only do they keep the box off the ground, away from any potential moisture in your garage/kitchen/whatever, but you can also recycle them as dog chews, if you actually get rid of the boxes (but generally it's a good idea to keep them for awhile, for any possible shipping needs).

After turning over the box and lifting it off the subwoofer, you are left with a cloth-covered subwoofer on two foam pieces. You simply rock the subwoofer onto one foam piece, remove the loose piece of foam, rock it back onto the ground, and remove the remaining foom. Then remove the cloth, and BAM. Out of the box beauty!

The front is nice and clean, but has all the controls necessary for dialing in the subwoofer(s) with the rest of the system.