Marvell Expands Presence in the Living Room

The Marvell 88DE2750 converts high-definition, standard-definition and low-resolution video and graphics, into any desired output format up to and including 1080p and 4Kx2K, producing quiet and natural images, free from noise and artifacts. It features a new proprietary technology called Qdeo True Color, which enables 8-bit consumer video to use the full dynamic range of 10-bit and 12-bit displays producing natural-looking images free from contouring or banding. The Marvell 88DE2750 is implemented in an advanced 65nm process resulting in low-power, small footprint and low cost.
“The Marvell 88DE2750 raises the bar for best-in-class video processing,” stated John E. Johnson, Editor-in-Chief, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity. “Traditional consumer video content from sources like Blu-ray, DVD, digital TV broadcast, digital cable, and satellite is usually limited to 8-bits and this can result in ugly contouring artifacts that distract the viewer. Qdeo True Color is the first solution I have seen that can process this content and render contour-free natural-looking video on the new generation of Deep Color capable 10-bit and 12-bit digital TVs. I would suggest that consumer electronics manufacturers get in touch with Marvell about incorporating this new technology in their next-generation products, because those products that do not have this technology could be at a disadvantage. The Qdeo processing is that good.”
“We have seen a rapid adoption of source devices and digital TVs with HDMI 1.3 functionality supporting Deep Color with 10-bit and 12-bit color depths.” said Steve Venuti, president of HDMI Licensing, LLC. “We welcome the continued innovations in video processing that allow consumers to enjoy the full benefits of the HDMI interface.”
“The proprietary Qdeo True Color processing featured in the Marvell 88DE2750 video format converter bridges the color-gap between the limited 8-bit color offered by typical consumer video sources such as Blu-ray and DVD, and the 10-bit and 12-bit Deep Color capabilities offered by new digital TVs,” said Nikhil Balram, vice president and general manager for the Digital Entertainment Business Unit, Communications and Consumer Group, at Marvell. “It allows consumer video devices to take advantage of the popular HDMI 1.3 Deep Color interface, to
provide smooth and natural-looking video that is free from the distracting contouring artifacts produced by typical 8-bit content. Furthermore, the use of an advanced 65nm process provides the benefits of Qdeo True Color and the rest of the award-winning Qdeo video technology at a price point that can be easily afforded by mainstream consumer electronics products.”
The Marvell 88DE2750 will be demonstrated by invitation at CES 2009, January 8-11, at Marvell’s booth located at the LVCC, South Hall 4, Upper Level, Booth #35344, in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The 88DE2750 is sampling now and will be shipping in volume by the summer of 2009. Budgetary pricing is $5 for quantities of 250,000 units or more.
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