Gig Grips for Drumsticks

gig-grips-teaserThere have been many accessories invented over the years to assist in controlling the drumsticks in your hands when playing. Gig Grips consist of thick rubber bands with holes on each end that you push the stick through until it is in the location on your stick where your fulcrum finger would be when holding the stick. They can be used in traditional or matched grip and are a very useful addition to any drummer's kit, but also, they would be a good teaching accessory for beginning drummers learning how to control stick movement.


Maxonix Zero-G Drumstick Holder

maxonix-zero-g-drumstick-holder-teaserAn issue that all drummers deal with is where to put all their sticks so that they are easy to grab, quickly. Bags and cups will hold a lot of sticks, but (1) they have to be vertical, and (2) you have to fish through a number of sticks to come up with the pair you want. Maxonix has solved that problem with a device they call the Zero-G Drumstick Holder. It only holds one pair of sticks, but what makes it so invaluable, is that you can mount it anywhere, and the stick holding plate can be rotated so that the sticks are in any position you desire. Enough said . . . let's take a look.