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Vanatoo Transparent One Active (Powered) Bookshelf Speakers

Vanatoo Transparent One SpeakersThe last several years have seen an explosion in digital and streamed audio - never before has it been cheaper or easier to distribute audio around ones house or apartment. From the advent of protocols like Apple’s Airplay or Pandora . . . to Squeeze Box and Sonos, making our digital music accessible anywhere is almost an obsession with everyone. To help satisfy that obsession, Vanatoo offers the Transparent One Active Bookshelf Speakers, that have a digital input.


Crystal Cable Arabesque Stand-Mounted Monitor Speakers

Crystal Cable Arabesque Mini LoudspeakersI first found out about Crystal Cable's Arabesque speaker line from hifi show reports. Their Glass Master speaker cabinet is actually made from glass panels bonded together. At first this struck me as a gimmick, but then...


Legacy Classic HD Tower Speakers and Metro Subwoofer

Legacy Classic HDThe e-mail came in one afternoon – "Mr. Clements, would you be interested in reviewing Legacy's newest towers." Are you kidding? Of course I would be interested in reviewing a pair of Legacy's speakers. So, here they are, the Classic HD tower speakers, with a subwoofer tossed in for good measure.


Newform Research Ribbon Tower Speakers

Newform Research Ribbon TowersMade in Canada, Newform Research manufactures unique ribbon loudspeakers and sells them factory direct worldwide. Their ribbon designs offer the transparency, detail and sound staging of the classic large panel electrostatic and ribbon loudspeakers, but because of their narrow compact footprint, are easier to drive and setup, even in smaller rooms. Here, we review a pair of their ribbon towers, which are a hybrid design, with a 15" ribbon as the tweeter, and six conventional cone drivers for the mid/bass.


Axiom Audio Epic Grand Master 350 Home Theater Speaker System

Axiom Audio Epic Grand Master 350 Home Theater Speaker System Axiom Audio based in Ontario Canada, is a long standing internet direct speaker manufacture. They have been designing and building loudspeakers for over 30 years. Taking a look at their website reveals multiple configurations in both size and appearance of their wide variety of speakers. In this review, we test their Epic Grand Master 350 Home Theater Speaker System.


KEN KREISEL DXD-12012 Dual 12" Push-Pull Subwoofer

Kreisel SubKen Kreisel of M&K sold his company years ago, and it continues to thrive. Now he is back, selling subwoofers and speakers mainly to the pro market, under the company name KEN KREISEL. The DXD-12012 is the foundation for a subwoofer system that, when combined as two subs, one on top of the other (called the DUO) or more (sixteen subs, called the QUATTRO-QUATTRO), produces the kind of SPL that movie and music studios need when they are in post-production. However, what differentiates the DXD-12012 from other subs is its accuracy.


Adam Audio ARTist 6 Active Speakers

Adam Audio ARTist 6  2-1/2 way Active Tower SpeakerADAM Audio of Germany is known for two unique design features. Here, we review their ARTist 6 speakers, which are active, meaning they have built-in power amplifiers.


MartinLogan Motion Vision Soundbar

Motion Vision Soundbar

I have always wanted to experience the MartinLogan planar speaker systems, but I lack the room size that is needed to really allow them to breathe. ML’s new Motion® series allows for a planar speaker that is designed to resemble a more conventional box speaker, and is designed for placement under a flat panel HDTV.


Klipsch Gallery G-28 Home Theater Speaker System

Klipsch Gallery G-28 Speaker System

The Klipsch name has been present in the speaker industry since the second World War. Started in Hope Arkansas, Founder Paul Klipsch devoted much of his life's work to the improvement of horn-loaded tweeters and integration of them into audiophile speaker enclosures. The world of audio has come a long way since then, and Klipsch has been there, year after year. Here, we review their Gallery G-28 home theater speaker system. 


Definitive Technology AW 6500 Outdoor Speakers

Def Tech AW 6500 SpeakerToday's consumers have lots of choices to fill their home with music inside and out. I, for one, have a rapidly growing digital music library and I've been on a quest to find better ways to enjoy this music while in the great outdoors ("My Backyard"). Definitive Technology's AW 6500 might just be the answer.


Eficion F300 Floor-Standing Speakers

Eficion F300 Loudspeaker

Critical to extracting ultimate performance from the F300 are optimal positioning, including toe-in angle, and pairing with a fast amplifier capable of delivering and controlling copious amounts of bass. When equipped with the latest super tweeter and internal crossover modifications, the Eficion F300 never fails to turn heads and win hearts.