Yamaha BD-S1065 Blu-ray Player, RX-V2065 Receiver, and Phase Technology Speaker System



This system is not cheap, nor does it compromise in very many areas. This system uses a top of the line receiver and soundbar. A system could be better, but not using only a receiver and a soundbar (plus sub and surrounds). I would say this is almost a perfect system for those with imperfect viewing rooms. One thing that cannot be stressed enough is that the surrounds are absolutely essential for any surround envelopment in a room that does not have a rectangular shape, with the soundbar mounted on a flat wall. This is the only soundbar I've ever heard that can be recommended for medium to large sized rooms, with the included receiver or another comparably powered unit. Overall this system works very well together for its intended purpose, which is lifelike home theater and music in a living room environment.