Toshiba SBX4250 Sound Bar


Design and Setup of the Toshiba SBX4250 Sound Bar

Setting up the SBX4250 is very simple and quick. It has a decent selection of inputs, with dual HDMI, stereo RCA, 3.5mm and two Toslink audio inputs, as well as an HDMI output that also supports ARC for bringing audio back from your display. My display doesn't support ARC so the easiest way for me to hook up the sound bar is to route the Blu-ray player through the TV with HDMI, and then use the optical output on the TV to send audio to the Toshiba. Since I use the internal TV tuner as well, this will send all the audio to the sound bar without needing to change inputs on it.

This also takes away the ability to send TrueHD or DTS-HD MA signals to it, but the Toshiba doesn't support these so it really isn't causing any harm. Inside the sound bar unit, the SBX4250 has a pair of 2.5" midrange and a 1.5" dome tweeter for each left and right "speaker", along with a 75W amplifier for each side. These are paired with a wireless 6.5" ported subwoofer with a 150W amplifier to handle bass duties. The bar itself is just over 3' wide making it a good pair for a display in the 42" range, and at 5 lbs. is very easy to wall mount. With its wireless interface, setting up the subwoofer is easy as you can choose the position with the best bass response, or just place it somewhere out of the way.

Everything is controlled with a simple remote control. Most controls are only located on the remote and not on the sound bar itself, but you can handle basic volume and input switching straight from the bar. Additional feature included SRS surround modes and Bluetooth for streaming from a PC or Smartphone.