Sony HT-ST7 Sound Bar


Conclusions about the Sony HT-ST7 Sound Bar

I think that sound bars fall into two main categories. The first is simply getting better sound than your TV. Flat panels have pretty awful sound, so adding on a $250 sound bar can make a sizable improvement. The second is trying to provide high quality sound for people that don't want to fill the room with boxes or just want something simple. That is what the HT-ST7 is trying to provide. It's also something that I thought was a bit dubious as the sound bar factor includes many inherent issues.

Putting those issues aside, Sony has done a fantastic job as coaxing high-quality audio out of a user-friendly box. Movies and music are clear and clean with dynamics that are much better than I expected. Sound bars have always left me lacking when it comes to music listening but the Sony did better than I could have possibly expected it to.

Perhaps the killer feature is the use of NFC and Bluetooth. Getting your audio from your tablet or Smartphone to the HT-ST7 is as easy as it can be with no external accessories needed. Making the Sony so easy to implement into your system and requiring virtually no work is what makes it so great. It is a high-quality, lifestyle audio system that looks and sounds the part.

If you want great sound in a simple, convenient package, I think you'll be highly impressed by what the Sony HT-ST7 can do.