Pinnacle T1 PBAR 2000 Powered Sound Bar


Conclusions About the Pinnacle T1 PBAR 2000 Powered Sound Bar

The Pinnacle T1 PBAR 2000 Powered Sound Bar is not the "Swiss Army knife" of audio kit, nor does it try to be. It does but one thing: substitute for your television's internal speakers. Fortunately, it does that task very, very well. If you needed stereo for a small room, the Pinnacle might also suffice. Despite the lack of bass extension, the bass that the Pinnacle provided was significantly cleaner and stronger than that of the television. Bass response can also be enhanced by the use of an external powered subwoofer.

The midrange and treble are where the Pinnacle works its magic. The sound is clean, articulate, and goes far, far louder than the built-in speakers of the TV. The Pinnacle does so without distortion, harshness, or brightness. The quality of the sound bar is most noticeable and obvious when going from the Pinnacle back to the internal TV speakers. The instant step downward in sound quality from the TV's speakers is a distinct disappointment!

Therefore, consider carefully how you wish to use a sound bar. If you want a replacement for an entire home theater system that attempts to provide movie surround sound and music in one simple package, then the Pinnacle may not be for you. Pinnacle does, however, offer more elaborate gear. If, on the other hand, you want only to provide a far, far more enjoyable audio experience for television viewing and occasional music listening, then the Pinnacle may be exactly what you need. The flexibility offered by the combination of analog and digital inputs ensures compatibility with virtually any television on the market and the unusual remote-control "Learning Mode" of the bar is an added perk.

I find the Pinnacle T1 PBAR 2000 a well conceived, well built, and easy-to-use product. It fulfills its intended purpose with excellent sound quality but without very deep bass. Convenient touches like the remote-learning feature make the bar easy to use. The bar's appearance is inconspicuous. The sound bar does its job with a minimum of setup difficulty through a clear and helpful owners manual. All required accessories are included for stand or wall mounting. If higher quality TV sound is your primary goal, then the Pinnacle is well worth considering.