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Report 4 Sumit Chawla


Infinity launched a full-range version of their Cascade series. This series, called the Prelude Forty, will retail for $6k/loudspeaker.

Shown here is also a wireless subwoofer; it comes with an attachment which receives the subwoofer output from the processor. It operates in the 2.4 GHz spectrum, but both Inifinity and Revel said that interference with other networks is not an issue. We will try and get one to review. The subwoofer shown here will retail for $1200.

JBL has come out with a wireless expansion modules which will make any loudspeaker wireless. You get two pieces: one gets attached to the processor and the other to one or two speakers. MSRP: $359.

Gefen is offering two wireless HDMI transmission systems. One system targets longer distances, 100ft, but its output is limited to 1080i. The other system targets shorter distances, 30ft with one wall and 60ft with no walls, but you get upto 1080p. Both systems compress the content prior to transmission to reduce the bandwidth requirement.

The new Auditor M from Sonus Faber.

Atlantic is offering a new line of in-walls which are NetStreams compatible.

Several new Pronto remotes were being shown. Shown here are two remotes which are WiFi capable. The remote on the left is the TSU9400 which will retail for $999. The remote on the right is the TSU9800 which will retail for $2399. Windows Media Center control may get added at some point.