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Report 3 Ross Jones

JVC introduced their latest 1080p D-ILA projectors, including the DLA-RS10 and RS20. The RS20 demo was in a dedicated room; the RS10 in an open bar area with lots of ambient light, but it still looked great. Pricing is not finalized, but expect the RS20 at under $8,000, and the RS-10 under $6,000. Shipping in November.

JBL has a new line of wireless subwoofers, including the ED 250, tramsmitting via 2.4 ghz.

JBL also introduced its own home theater pre-pro and amp separates. The AV2 Prepro is expected to be priced at $2,000; pricing on the AV7 amp not available.

Stewart filmscreen's Media Decor is retractable artwork that will cover anything from a flat-screen display up to a projection screen 58" in height.

Stewart also demonstrated its Starglass rear projection screen, consisting of several glass layers. This 160" screen produced an impressive image in bright-light conditions.

Monster Cable and Speakercraft hosted a concert by the Doobie Brothers on Friday night.