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Report 2 Piero Gabucci

It wouldn't be CEDIA without ADA, Audio Design Associates; the new Mach IV now features HDMI switching with 8 inputs and dual outputs. Their position has been a wait-and-see before jumping into the constant revisions.

Really hot from ADA is the TPA-1 Tube preamplifier (MSRP $2,849) with built-in iPod with tube line amp stage. Complimented by the PF-2150 power-FET amplifier (MSRP $2,649) the combination sounded amazing on a small pair of table-top speakers.

Albert Langella ADA's Chief Design Engineer, CEO and President with the iPod preamp/amp combo.

BG Radia boasted the first in-wall THX Ultra 2 Certified subwoofer. Although the BGX-4850 can be in-room as well as in-wall, the design is specific for shallow applications. The system includes four modules each with 12 woofers each in their own enclosures in balanced pairs. All totaled the four modules equate to 2-18' drivers. With an outboard amplifier the package is sold for $6,995 and shipping mid-October.

Traditionally Gus Cossifos of Cinepro wins the "Loudest-in-show-by-far" award, (Gus would argue "not loud, but clean and accurately lifelike)" but this year it's an honor to give him best advertising award, by far. Their demo was amazing with both delicate music and thunderous sound.

Our good friends at Totem showed an in-wall version of the popular on-wall Tribe at about $1,000 each. Honestly one of the few on-wall/in-walls that have really captured my attention. Also new are in-ceiling center channel and in-wall center/side versions.

Stylishly, Totem showed their entire line in stunning white!

Canton's Frank Göbl, head of engineering lost his voice but not his passion and enthusiasm for the new Reference 3.2DC boasting a new ceramic dome tweeter in a 3 way bass reflex design. A two-chamber monocoque structure is hidden by a stunning finish. At $16,000 for the pair, my listening room is ready for them.