Show Report: CEDIA - 2007


NAD T175 Pre/pro
NAD's new T175 Pre/pro uses five modular boards, includes four HDMI v1.3 inputs, plus Audyssey MultEQ XT. $1,999.

NHT ProTheather 5.2 system
NHT's ProTheater 5.2 system includes five speakers, each quad-amped by its own amplifier, pre/pro, two subs, and all cables.

Sonus Faber Elipsa
Sonus Faber's new Elipsa series speakers. $20,000/pair.

Dali's Motif on-wall speakers
Dali's new Motif on-wall speakers (two-way) can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. Available in January, $650 each.

Dali's Motif on-wall speakers
Dali's on-wall version of its Mentor series speakers uses the same hybrid ribbon/soft-dome tweeter found in the floorstanding models. Also available in January, $1,100 each.

Philips Pronto 9200i
Philips Pronto 9200i - New hard button pronto with full programmability. $399, available soon.

Bryston BCD-1
Bryston BCD-1 redbook CD player. Fully separate (including power supplies) analog and digital circuitry. $2399.

Torus 10,000W isolation transformer
Torus 10,000 watt (!) isolation transformer with 5 x 20A outputs. The transformer looks to be about 15" in diameter. Marketed by Bryston.

JVC 1080p projector
While there has been lots of coverage on the new JVC 1080p projector some people have forgotten JVC also produces displays. The 989 Procision line up is only available though authorized dealer and include their second generation of high-speed multi-directional 10-bit 120Hz panels. The models include a 37" (LT-37X898), 42"(LT-42X898) and 47" (LT-47X898) priced at $2200, $2600 and $320. All models are 1080p and include 3 – v1.3 HDMI ports.

Toshiba 1080p displays
Toshiba released 42" and 46" 1080p displays in their Regza line with super thin bezels. The benefits go beyond the enhanced looks the panels can now be placed in smaller cabinets. As an example this 46" display can be placed in the same cabinet as a 42". The 46" (46RF35OU) with list for $2499 and the 42" for $1899 and will ship near the end of September.

Panasonic panels
I visited the Panasonic booth and met up with Jeff Samuels who showed me a number of their new Plasma displays. Jeff explained that many of Panasonics customers were looking for a sleeker design so all the new displays are fitted with a thin gloss black finish. The other new enhancement to the panels is that the half life brightness is now rated for 100,000 hours instead of 60,000. What really impressed me was the price point these displays were hitting. Basically 1080p 42" plasma were in the $1799 range.

Panasonic LIFI RPTVS
Panasonic also released their LIFI RPTVs. The benefit of these units is the fact the bulbs last almost forever. Panasonic is offering a 5 year warranty on the bulbs for these sets. The 61" will sell for $2199 and the 56" for $1899.

Kalidescape I-Pod integration
Kalidescape showed off an I-Pod integration that is somewhat different that all the other I-Pod Docks and Radios. The new Kalidescape software will allow you to take any collection of PCM music that is stored on their server and sync it back to I-Tunes and your I-Pod. However all the meta data in I-Tunes is replaced by the metadata provided be the Kalidescape server.

The LG LBX line of LCDs have the chassis designed by Bello and I have to say they do look great. They are all 1080p 120Hz panels with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. On the plasma side they are achieving 35000:1 contrast ration and also including a USB media port.