Show Report: CEDIA - 2007


Boulder displayed their new 865 integrated amplifier, their first foray into integrateds, at $11,500. Boulder does all their machining in house, and it shows in the jewel like build quality of their products.

Dynaudio's limited production Sapphire 30 ($16,500/pair) was shown on a rotating turntable to show off the furniture grade tiger maple finish. This might be the best looking loudspeaker I saw at the show so far.

Gallo Due 2
Anthony Gallo Acoustics displayed their new Due 2 speaker, due to begin shipping in January. This new system is based on the tweeter and midranges from the spectacular Reference 3.1. It can be configured as a center channel, a wall mounted speaker or mounted on a stand. It could prove to be a killer center channel, priced significantly lower than the larger Reference AV Center.

NAD T 785 AV Receiver

NAD T 175 AV Tuner Preamplifier
NAD T 785 AV Receiver ($2,999) and NAD T 175 AV Tuner Preamplifier.

NAD seems to have caught up nicely on the processors and receiver front. These new units have HDMI v1.3 supporting 1080p, an optional I-pod dock and even XM Radio. Both have Audissey Audio Setup and Calibration making it easier for the end user to get them setup properly in their room and Burr-Brown DACs for the audio nuts in our readership. Of course you get multi-zones and a large number of inputs and outputs for both audio and video.

Moneual media center

Moneual media center

Moneual media center

Moneual media center

Moneual media center
Moneual brings a new stylish media center PC to market. The design incorporates a 7" touch screen a top load DVD player, card slot reader and HDMI out. It also comes with a wireless keyboard and remote. The package should ship in a month or so for $1995 and is one of the more unique media center PCs we have seen at the show. Moneual also sells several other form factors of media center PCs that will integrate better with a classic theater design. They also claim they will have a universal HDDVD and Blu-ray media center in their stylish form factor in the future but the release date of that is unknown.

ACE Digital Home and Universal Devices

ACE Digital Home and Universal Devices

ACE Digital Home and Universal Devices
ACE Digital Home and Universal Devices

Universal Devices showed off a great little control system. Each Box can control anywhere form 256 to 1024 devices. The boxes are basically network devices that are controlled from within media center or from a java application installed on your desktop PC. However all programming is setup within the box so even if the computer dies all your devices controls and timers still function properly. The box sells for $299 and the Marketing department at Universal Devices claims it is Lifeware for $299? I am sure there are a few other limitations but something an enthusiast could try on a limited budget. It can control anything from Lighting to Sprinkler systems.

Niveus media center
Niveus showed off their soon to be released media center extender systems. With their recent addition of Media Center servers featuring 4 cable cards allowing for simultaneous recording of 4 high-def feeds at once, these new extenders will allow you to distribute that content all throughout the house. The details of pricing and the exact output and supported codec?s are still in flux but it looks like a promising solution.

Mediamax Media Servers

Mediamax Media Servers
Mediamax Media Servers

This is an older company I had long forgotten about. They are a competitor to Media Center and Media Center software solutions. What is interesting is they support archiving and playback of both HDDVD and Blu-ray into a single media server. The integration was very nice and included full cover art for each disc. Of course they also support archival of music, DVDs, photos, etc? Prices start at $5000 and go up from there depending on how much space you want your server to have. Mediamax has had HD-DVD support since spring, but Blu-ray support is new for CEDIA.

JVC adds the HD100 to their projector lineup and ups the contrast ratio to 30000:1 (this is without a dynamic iris). They now have motorized zoom and focus. No word on whether the ANSI contrast is improved, but the price is expected to go up.

Sony added to new SXRD front projectors. The VW200 is the higher end projector with a Xenon lamp and a 35000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. This projector is priced at $15,000.

Panamorph VW60
The VW60 is the lower priced projector and this one is priced at $5,000. Street price should be lower which should make this an attractive option. Pictured here with the projector is an anamorphic lens.

Toshiba LCD
Toshiba has a new line of LCDs' with a thin bezel. They want to maximize the size that can fit into existing cabinets.

Revel Performa lineup
Revel has introduced an in-ceiling speaker in their Performa lineup. You might have seen the woofer here on some Infinity speakers. Each speaker is priced at $749.

Kevin Voecks next to the Salon2
The Revel Ultima2 series have been shipping for some time. Pictured here is Kevin Voecks standing next to the Salon2. He is extremely pleased with their performance.

Below is the complete Ultima2 series.
Ultima 2 series

dish network
Dish has enabled external storage to a couple of DVRs. You can use an external USB 2.0 disk with a one-time activation fee to increase your storage capacity.

Venturer HD DVD player
HD DVD reaches a new lower price-point with the introduction of the player by Venturer. This player is expected to retail for $199.

Integra HD DVD player
Integra had their player in the show area next to the HD DVD truck. This player supports HDMI 1.3a and it will stream compressed audio over HDMI. It is priced at $1099.

REL B1 front

REL B1 back
The REL B1 is the largest Britannia range Subwoofer, replacing the Storm III. It uses a class AB analog power amplifier, with a 12" reflex loaded drver. It has
the proven REL speaker level inputs, along with separate RCA LFE inputs. All the RCA and high level inputs are always active, allowing separate music and home theater settings. The B1 retails for $3200 and is available now.

These less expensive subwoofers from REL offer high performance, musical bass at a lower price point. THe T3 starts at $600.

The Sonus Faber Concerto Domus (Right) and Grand Piano Domus (Left) have the renown Sonus Faber design and build quality, at more reasonable pricing. The 2 way Concerto is $3200 while the 3-way Grand Piano is $4500.

The new Infinity Classia line will be available in Q1, 2008. This 3-way design will retail for around $1800/pair. They promise fabulous sound at a reasonable price for a 3-way floor-standing loudspeaker.

The JBL 1000 Array ($12,000/pair) uses the same horn loaded tweeter and super-tweeter technology tricked down from the statement Project Everest speaker. The build quality was extremely good, with a mirror like piano black cabinet finish.

Totem Forest

Totem wind
Totem's two way speakers have always delivered stupendous performance in small packages. The $3500 Forest will easily fit in the smallest rooms, but offers first rate sound and build quality. Unlike many high end manufacturers, their statement Wind ($8500) will easily fit in a modest room.

Lyngdorf gets my bid for the most jaw dropping audio demo at the show. Their TDAI integrated amplifier uses patented digital amplifier technology and room correction technology to make even the CEDIA sound demo rooms sound spectacularly good. The system as demonstrated with loudspeakers retails for $18,500. The TDAI-2200 integrated with analog inputs retails for $6300. Lyngdorf, from Denmark, is exclusively represented in the US by Triad. The millenium system is a separate room correction digital preamp and digital amplifier. This ultra high end solution starts at $15k and goes up depending on options.

Terrestrial Digital displayed a whole line of antennas optimized for the post 2009 DTV frequency bands. These antennas, designed and computationally modeled by a Ph.D. electrical engineer, are the real deal. Unlike a lot of the snakeoil antennas you'll find down at the big box store, these antennas offer scientifically proven performance with small size and a pleasing design. The Clearstream Tuner integrates an antenna with an ATSC tuner in a single box to allow owners of older TVs to easily upgrade when the 2009 analog shutdown comes.