Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - 2007


Acoustic Plan CD Player
This very plain-looking CD player is a new product from Acoustic Plan and is a no compromise design. It is about as wide as a book, so it will fit just about anywhere.

BPT speakers
BPT, manufacturer of balanced power conditioners, now is introducing speakers. These are the prototypes. Notice that the tweeters are horn-loaded. This will make them very sensitive. Remember my saying that there is now a trend towards big speakers? These fit that description.

MBL speakers
MBL makes these smaller versions of their speaker line that has a 3600 radiation pattern. This is different than a dipole which radiates front and rear rather than all around. The amplifiers are by Jolida.

AH! Acoustic Horn speakers
AH! Acoustic Horn speakers. The one on the left has a different high frequency horn than the one on the right, for the show. Not very spouse friendly, but oh what a sound, and it only takes a few watts to drive them.

Aerial Acoustics speakers
Now this is a combination I think is gorgeous. Macintosh power with Aerial Acoustics speakers.

Manley tube amplifiers paired beautifully with Joseph Audio speakers
These Manley tube amplifiers paired beautifully with Joseph Audio speakers.

Maxxhorn speakers
Maxxhorn shows that horn speakers don't necessarily have to look like megaphones. $12,500/pair.

Beveridge Audio speakers
These speakers, by Beveridge Audio, look kind of "Retro", which these days, is not a bad thing.

Soundsmith components
Soundsmith makes these components, mostly centered around the Strain Gauge cartridge in the turntable.

Audiospace tubes
Tubes, tubes, tubes . . . by Audiospace. Lots of them come from overseas.

Some people don't like the idea of cables the size of a garden hose, but there is a reason: good insulation from RF interference and lower resistance. These are from Legenburg.

Rau Research amplifiers
The amplifiers shown here, by Rau Research, have less than 50 watts of power each. The reason is that they are single-ended and pure Class A. Transistor rather than tubes.

analog tape recorder
Talk about analog sound sources! Here is a turntable sitting next to something I have not seen in a long time: an analog tape recorder.

Turntables are a world in themselves. Notice that the motor post (far left side of the turntable) is attached to the turntable only by the belt that is used to turn the platter. I hope it has a low center of gravity. Maybe then the consumer could wrap it with carpet and use it for their cat's scratching post.