Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - 2007


Cain & Cain speakers
Cain & Cain makes these speakers, which are sensitive enough to be powered by very small amplifiers, like the Tri monoblocks shown below which output around 7 watts each.

Cain & Cain speakers
Cain & Cain subwoofer
They also showed these cute little speakers with a subwoofer to match.

ceiling-high speaker
In the Lyngdorf room, there were some ceiling-high speakers that were shaped like a megaphone. The idea was that the sound is very focused and has less effects due to the room than conventional speakers.

Lyngdorf source components
Here are the Lyngdorf source components. They specialize in room correction.

VMPS ribbon speakers
These VMPS ribbon speakers were being driven by Eastern Electric M156 Monoblock power amplifiers. So, now you can see that an observable trend is towards large speakers.

Studio Electric speakers
Here are some Studio Electric speakers, being driven by an Art Audio Vivo power amplifier. A Redpoint turntable is the source, shown in close-up view below.

Redpoint turntable source
The actual color is more of a red than the purple in this photo.

Reference Audio Mod
You can have not only your speakers in wood finish, but your source components as well, from Reference Audio Mods.

Proclaim Audioworks DMT-100s
Even though round speakers may not be spouse-friendly, they do make a difference in the sound by reducing standing waves. These are Proclaim Audioworks DMT-100s.

Daedalus speakers
Daedalus makes some very attractive speaker designs, shown here. Powered by Art Audio.

interesting-looking speakers
These very interesting-looking speakers have the tweeter on the outside of the grille. A close-up of the turntable is shown below. I sure wish I hadn't taken that set of Beethoven's Works on LPs to the Good Will 20 years ago.

close-up of the turntable