Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - 2007


B&W Signature Diamond speakers
B&W and Classé always pair up at shows, because they are both owned by the same holding company. Convenient because they are both superb product lines. These B&W Signature Diamond speakers are a Diamond Anniversary special edition, with only 500 pairs being manufactured. Priced at $18,000/pair, in the "Wakame" finish.

Here is a close-up of some of the Classé products as well as the Wakame finish on the speakers.

Rotel front end units
Black speakers and components are beginning to be replaced by warmer colors. The Rotel front end units are silver, and the speakers are in natural cherry.

Sonus Faber speakers
These Sonus Faber "Elipsa" speakers ($20,800/pair) were being driven by Musical Fidelity components, including those very interesting cylindrical power amplifiers in between the speakers.

Supercharger 550K
The amplifiers are called the Supercharger 550K, delivering 550 watts, and priced at $2,500 each. They get a speaker-level input from a receiver, which increases their dynamic range.

Are you ready for this!? The speakers shown here are yet another new design from Mark Schifter at AV123. They are called the LS9s, with nine ribbon tweeter/mids and twelve woofers. The price? $3,995/pair. At nearly 8 feet high, they deliver astonishing sound. The amplification was provided by Red Rock Audio, which also co-owns the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest with the Colorado Audio Society.

MBL, a German manufacturer, markets some pretty amazing equipment, such as shown here. The speakers produce sound in 360°, and I was as awestruck this time as I usually am when I listen to them.

source components
Here is a close-up of the source components. The total cost is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but what a sound.

low cylinder subwoofer
Wilson benesch demonstrated these products, and what is most interesting is the subwoofer in the shape of a low cylinder with the driver facing upward.

McIntosh speakers
McIntosh always demos great stuff, in this case some speakers which have 28 tweeters and 44 midrange drivers (along with two woofers). Needless to say, they deliver some powerful sound.