CES 2012 Show Reports

CES 2012 Show Reports

CES 2012 is a wrap! Another very successful year for the International CES. The SECRETS CES Team included Robert Kozel, Piero Gabucci, Chris Heinonen and Stephen Hornbrook....along with the Editor in Chief, John Johnson and Managing Editor Cynthia Johnson. Coverage of the show is HERE . Final Reports are being published now.....

Robert Kozel, Senior Editor, really summarized CES 2012 in a nutshell!

Final Thoughts from Robert:

CES 2012 has come to a close and it is really good to be home. I have uploaded my coverage from Wednesday and Thursday and I also wanted to share some final thoughts.

The show seemed to be a big hit based on the enormous crowd. From an audio/video perspective, the new innovation really seemed to be in the display technology. I saw many examples of 4K displays and the new OLED technology looks very promising. By far the most impressive display was the Crystal LED television from Sony. The picture was stunning and I really hope this comes to market very soon. We still saw a lot of 3D, but it's clear that 3D isn't quite the hit that was hoped for.

On the audio side of things, it's pretty amazing that personal audio has become such a popular theme. From companies like Bryston, Cary Audio Design, and HiFiMAN developing dedicated audiophile quality headphone amplifiers, to all the companies offering headphones, it's clear that there is serious interest in a better quality listening experience. While some of the headphones appeared more gimmicky than others, there were definitely many high quality products to choose from. I should also mention that the Dirac Live Digital Room Correction system was the most interesting home theater technology that I saw at the show.

The theme of connected devices was present everywhere. From the concept of smart televisions to personal fitness devices that shared information with apps on your phone, watch or television, it's clear that the industry wants all these devices to play together. Time will tell how quickly this technology is adopted and certainly not all of these solutions will have long term staying power.

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