CES 2012-Full Coverage


Stephen Hornbrook Show Coverage

Final Impressions and a few more pics..

CES was very busy this year, as the lines seemed longer and the crowds more dense. Now that I have had a peaceful night of sleep back at home, I can look back at the trip more clearly. The star of the show for me was easily the Sony Crystal LED. From what I heard, its the real deal and should come to market, although no date or pricing is known. "Smarter" TV was also very prominent with all the major brands offering a better integration of internet and TV. I have yet to see how it will revolutionize how I watch TV programming, but with better remotes yielding easier navigation and interactivity, it will at least be less painful to search youtube. the OLED sets were definitely cool, but I was more drawn to the various 4K sets as the increased resolution made for a smooth amazingly detailed picture. Many of the new model LCD's and Plasmas had very small bezels for pretty sleek looks. If you are in the market for a new TV, you will definitely have plenty of great looking sets to choose from in 2012. 

Beautiful sounding headphones from HiFiMAN

New Epos ELAN15 $1399pr.

New Music Hall MMF 5.1SE $1095 and 7.1 $1495

NAD processor - modular design, 3D, Audessy MultEQ XT ($4500) and 7 channel amp - THX Ultra, 160watt ($3500)

Anthem class D M1 monoblock

stunning Mark Levinson gear

new Revel M106 bookshelfs, sounded very good. $1700

New Performas coming this summer.

Magico S5

Wilson's with LAMM gear



MiCO from Sim2, an LED powered projector meant for more than just playing movies. Fill a wall with dynamic art to match the decor of your home. The MiCO can be left on all day long due to its LED light engine. 

Toshiba's new line of TV's had very slim bezels for a sleek look. the had 4K as well and a few new Blu-ray players on the way. 

The Glasses-Free 3D does nothing for me. I personally think it looks horrible. give me 4k!

ioGear had some great wireless products, like a wireless HD box that actually works through walls.



Parrot had some nice sounding bluetooth, noise-canceling headphones, and a one unit stereo speaker as well. 

Apparently a large portion of the attendees are male?? who knew. a little something for them..


new Sennheiser HD700 headphones! msrp $999

Earthquake subs


E111 and E112 subs from JL Audio. very well built with class D amps.

GOLD Segway. This guy is livin large.

Samsung's highlight was of course their large OLED screens. Crazy thin, but they weren't showing any real content. just an animated loop of bright colors. The contrast is clearly great on these but their Series 8 and 9 sets looked great too, and those are somewhat affordable. 

Samsung also had a beautiful 4K display as well. No pricing or release date :(

LG's Giant 3D wall.. it was very weird. 

LG OLED, closely guarded by an elite force.

LG 84" 4k displaying 2D and 3D

3D sound HTiB 

new bluray players with smart tv. new interface with the magic remote looks really good. very smooth and fast. 

Dual play shows player 1's image through the left eye only (2 left lenses from a pair of passive 3D glasses), and player 2 through the right eye. works very well. 

Panasonic had updated Viera lineup and they continued to look even better. 

clearer motion in 2012 model. noticeable difference.

new audiophile Bluray player from Panasonic

Micro player

Lazy bastards.


As the bright desert sun rose upon the Las Vegas Convention Center, another CES show threatened to destroy my feet from ridiculous amounts of walking. I've covered the show for the past two years where we saw the "rebirth" of 3D dominate the show floor and I wondered what the mega tech companies would try to woo us with this year. The answer? Well, sadly not much. 3D is still here and quite prominent, but in a less obvious way than the previous two years. All the display manufacturers have their latest models out and it seems the majority of their lineups are 3D enabled but it was almost as if they expected us to have accepted 3D into our lives already. They didn't seem to be trying as hard to sell us on this 3D gimmick and I'm not sure if that is because they are overly confident in the concept, or they know it isn't as accepted as they thought it would be. Regardless, 3D is gonna be around for quite awhile, so hopefully the quality continues to evolve. So far from what I have seen, with the exception of the conceptual 4k sets, nothing seems to have changed much since last year. There was much greater improvement in 3D quality from 2010-2011 than from 2011-2012. The main focus for '12 models seems to be in form factors, with slimmer and more elegant designs.

Now this year isn't completely void of new technologies. Both Samsung and LG had gorgeous 55" OLED TVs. A technology that has many of us nerds drooling over for some time. OLED's benefits over LCD and plasma are its ability to emit its own light on a per pixel basis and to have near infinite contrast ratios due to the pixels being able to shut off completely. All that happens at a very high refresh rate, giving moving images a leg up over LCD panels.

Not to be left out of the new display technology game, Sony had a tech of its own, called Crystal LED. Don't ask me to explain how it's made or works, but I can tell you that it works well, really well. Off angle viewing is easily as good as plasma and colors were bright and saturated (overly so, but one sure hey wanted it in "vivid" mode). Most striking was how well it handled motion. Moving images were amazingly clear, the best I have ever seen. No concrete news on release or pricing, but I am more excited about Crystal LED than any other display tech I saw today.

Then Sharp was showcasing a very impressive 8K display. It was breathtaking.

Check out my photos below.

Glorious Sony Crystal LED

revamped Sony interface, and sweet remote with keyboard on one side and pad and buttons on the other. perfect for a more interactive TV.

New, light 3D glasses and Chris modeling them.

The awesome Sony reference speakers. Big brother and little brother. 

Sharp had an absolutely stunning 8k set. I would take this over 3D any day!!

these are photos.. OF THE TV!

Sharp also had their Elite LCDs and many 80" LCD models as well. Overall a pretty good showing by them.

4k vs. 2k

Samsung OLED.. so thin

Lots more on the way!! 

Coverage starts here on Tuesday, so please check back to see all the latest TV's, electronics and gadgets at this year's CES! Hopefully 4K will be a little more prominent. Let us know if there is anything in particular you are interested in and we will try are best to report on it.