CES 2010-Full Coverage


Stephen Hornbrook, Writing Staff Reports - Day 1

Well, here I am. This is my first time attending a CES show. Quite an experience so far. After a ridiculously long wait for my credentials (thanks Cynthia!) I took my first steps into the main hall.. I was greated by a massive Microsoft and Intel display.

Nothing too exciting, unless you have never seen Windows 7 or an Xbox 360. However, it was only a few more steps until I saw the first sign of the 3D "revolution". PC gaming using passive polarized glasses, pretty neat!

Next up was the JVC booth. They were showing off the latest 1080p projectors. the HD950 and HD550.

They had a line of professional 3D 1080p LCD's that used passive polarized glasses. These are available now, but only for professional use (in other words, expensive ;) and only used my movie studios when creating the latest 3D movies.

(the guy on the right looks completely miserable. Thanks for photobombing dude!)

JVC also had a special 4K projection demo room where they first showed off their latest 1080p projector. It of course looked great, smooth and detailed with excellent contrast. What really impressed the crowd though, was the 4K demo. JVC had captured some native 4K material and was displaying it on the latest 4K projector. STUNNING! It was very impressive. To end the demo, they showed some IMAX 3D material using 2 4K projectors, one for the left eye and one for the right. This also used the passive polarized glasses. I had a hard time focusing on the different depth of fields and just couldn't get drawn in to the image. I much prefferred the 2D 4K material. Sorry, no pictures to show off the sweet 4K material!

Next up- the LG booth. They had walls of flat panels everywhere! First thing I noticed were the OLED tv's though. They are very cool, great image quality and nearly paper thin.

Here is a very good looking LED backlit LCD. Pretty much no bevel and extremely thin.

LG had a few 3D LCD's using active shutter glasses. They are expected to be available this year. All the high end LED LCDs sport Skype videocalls, 3D-ready support and streaming media from Netflix, VUDU, YouTube, Napster and Yahoo! Widgets.

CES 2010 Day 1 - Part 2

The Panasonic booth was massive and ALL about 3D.

All of Panasonic's 3D entries were high refresh 1080p plasma displays using active shutter glasses. The glasses are synced through the tv via a wireless signal. I think some were interfering because occasionally the 3D effect was lost.

These are the shutter glasses.. honestly not something I really want to wear for 2 hours, or longer if its a sporting event. I was not blown away by the 3D form panasonic. Some content looked good, while other visuals were just headache-inducing. I think it will be a cool feature to have in addition to an HDTV flat panel with top of the line picture quality, but not a must have feature.

152" 4K resolution plasma!!!

Panasonic hasn't completely abandoned LCD yet, they had some excellent LCD's using IPS panels.

the latest gen plasma TV's also use quite a bit less power, if that was something keeping you from getting a plasma in the past.

Even better black levels from this year's models.

The Sharp booth was showing off their new Quadpixel displays. They now feature a yellow pixel in addition to the red green and blue. I can't say this really made a big difference, but their TV's certainly looked good. 3D sets from Sharp used active shutter glasses as well.